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At Secom Networks, we provide server installation services to business all over the UK. Advising and optimising their server installation, move or decommissioning and secure disposal. With extensive experience working in live critical server environments, you can be assured your server is in safe hands.

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Our server services

Ensuring your server meets the needs of your business

Server Installs

Our experienced team are fully equipped to support your business with any server install. Advising on load balancing, airflow and cable management.

Server relocation

Support your business with a streamlined, stress-free server move. With planned coordination and our technical support, backed up with comprehensive insurance, you can be assured your server relocation is in safe hands.

Server Decommission

Our team of engineers have been smoothly and efficiently decommissioning servers for 15+ years. Including removal of redundant Racks & cabling. Find out how we can start planning your server decommissioning requirements today.

Server Patching

Working together with your networking team to plan and execute the patching of your server equipment end to end. Optimising efficiency and minimising server downtime and business risk.