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Datacentre Services Co-locating Server rooms

For over fifteen years our team of engineers have grown with the emerging technologies to enable Secom Networks to design and install solutions for all datacentre and server room requirements.

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How can we help you?

Our datacentre services

Our cabling knowledge and experience, paired with our partners providing the latest technologies in electronic asset control, provides the perfect blend for a fully protected and optimised datacentre rack & networking solution

Rack Monitoring

Our partner company Rack-Sec can provide rack environmental monitoring with a range of available features displayed on a rack mounted 7 inch touchscreen display including:

Rack Security

With the ever increasing need to provide audibility and physical compliance to Rack level, your rack's security is of paramount important. Using a Rack-Sec unit we can provide multiple levels of rack security and monitoring. Using the Rack-Sec’s rack mounted 7 inch touchscreen display to navigate the available features below:

Relocation & decommission

We also provide a relocation & secure decommissioning service. Taking care of removal and responsible disposal of redundant cabling, racks & equipment.

Patching & Testing

At Secom Networks we have over 25 years of experience with all types of patching and cable management, specialising in performing audits of patching frames and cabinets.